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Our Awards & Recognitions

We are not another remodeling company. We have been bestowed with numerous awards and recognitions throughout a decade of service with two of our locations in Fairfax and Bethesda. From customer service to designs, our company has been recognized as one of the leading remodelers in the area.

Silver Package

If you have a moderately-sized kitchen, you may want to check out this option. This kitchen remodeling package is based on 10’x10′ kitchen and will transform it into an elegant space you will want to spend your time with your family and friends. For cabinets, you have 4 colors to choose from and we can install for up to 35 sq. ft.

kitchen remodeling kbr

Choosing the right type of backsplash will help create a perfect décor. We will install 4″ Granite Backsplash that will have a glittering outlook. Our stylish Kitchen Sink and Faucet will be the right fit for your newly renovated kitchen.

All the necessary plumbing before, during and after the remodeling will be done by our professionals. Demolition and Installation will be entirely handled by our dedicated team — no need to pay for outside kitchen remodeling contractors! All appliances will be hooked-up and tested as soon as we finish the installation.

  • Based on 10’x10’ Kitchen Cabinets (4 colors to choose from)
  • Granite Countertops (Up to 35 sq. ft)
  • 4” Granite Backsplash
  • Kitchen Sink & Faucet
  • Plumbing
  • Demolition & Installation
  • Appliances Hook-Up

Golden Package

In this package, based on 10’x10′ kitchens, we offer 10 eye-filling colors to choose from for Cabinets. We will install up to 40 sq. ft. of durable and lasting Granite Countertops and 4″ Granite Backsplash.

This kitchen remodeling package comes with Tile Floor and our attention to detail will create an impressive cooking space in its entirety. Double-bowl Sink and sleek Faucet will fill your needs and revitalize your kitchen. Again, we will handle all the plumbing needs before and after the installation in the most delicate way. There is no need for demolition and our professional team will fully handle the installation, from start to finish. At the end of our work remodeling your kitchen, we will hook up and test all the appliances.

  • Based on 10’x10’ Kitchen Cabinets (10 colors to choose from)
  • Granite Countertops (Up to 40 sq. ft)
  • 4” Granite Backsplash
  • Tile Flooring
  • Kitchen Sink & Faucet,
  • Plumbing
  • Demolition & Installation
  • Appliances Hook-Up

kitchen remodeling kbr golden

Diamond Package

In this package, tailored especially for 12×12 kitchens, the focus is almost entirely on making your kitchen as stunning as it is functional. We will offer 15 color options to choose for your cabinets, thereby ensuring a palette as vivacious as you. A full height Glass Backsplash will help create a stunning-yet-simple-decor to your kitchen while our kitchen sink and faucet will fight in perfectly to add a sense of aesthetic to the splendor. The Granite countertops will complement the Glass Backsplash perfectly with its glittering look.

As with our gold and silver package, the only work you have to do is to pick your options. From demolishing to installing, all the necessary plumbing and related activities will be taken care of by our expert team of professionals. And they will not leave until every appliance has been installed, checked and confirmed to be in working condition by you. It will be like you ordered a kitchen of your dreams online!

  • Kitchen Cabinets (15 colors to choose from)
  • Granite Countertops (Up to 45 sq. ft)
  • Full-Height Glass Backsplash
  • Tile Flooring, Kitchen Sink & Faucet
  • Plumbing, Demolition & Installation
  • Appliances Hook-Up

kitchen remodeling kbr diamond package

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When we do kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we don’t leave anything to chance. Over 1,500 customers from Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. trusted on our award-winning and dedicated professionals in Fairfax and Bethesda to deliver renovated kitchen and bathroom that they dreamt off. Our affordable pricing, exquisite design, and professional installation are what make us distinct in the area. Take a look at our most recent work.

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