St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Kids

While in passing St. Patrick’s Day festivities might seem to lean more towards the adult side of life, there’s no reason kids shouldn’t be able to join in the holiday fun as well! St. Patrick’s Day offers up a lot of kid-oriented inspiration. Between the rainbows, shamrocks and good luck waiting alongside every pot of gold, there’s no limit to the creativity and fun that can surround this holiday!

This year, be sure to get your kids fired up about St. Patrick’s Day by planning and participating in all kind of fun and cool activities that will get their hands working and spirits soaring in celebration. Easy to do at home and fun for the whole family, here are a few great projects to give a try when everything starts looking green this month.

Handprint rainbows with chocolate coin wrappers

Nothing says Saint Paddy’s Day like a pot of gold waiting for your children at the end of a beautiful rainbow. Give your kids a chance to create a little bit of their own Irish magic by having them make handprint rainbows complete with a pot of gold filled with chocolate coin wrappers at the end. Simply have kids dip their hands into rainbow colored washable paint and create a one of a kind rainbow on a large piece of paper. While adults may have to cut out a black pot shape for the end of the rainbow, the kids should have no problem finishing off those chocolate coins so the gold wrappers can be glued to the top of the pot to complete the St. Patrick’s Day scene!

Festive holiday shamrock shakes to keep your taste buds happy

Give your very own homemade shamrock shakes a try this St. Patrick’s Day by adding just a few drops of green food coloring to a standard vanilla shake and adding a cherry on top. You’ll be giving a green twist to an all-time classic and putting a huge smile on your children’s’ faces in the process. If your children are small, it’s highly recommended that you put your shakes together in the kitchen, preferably on granite countertops. Not only do they provide a stable and smooth surface for mixing up shakes, but also the stain resistant top that works wonders in the event of a food coloring accident.

Rainbow holiday countdown with goodies included

The family fun countdown to St. Patrick ’s Day can be as easy as picking up some rainbow colored gift bags, a market and a few sweet treats. Have you kids number the rainbow colored bags for the number of days you want to countdown to the actual holiday. Much like a Christmas calendar, you can then put some goodies in the bags and have your children open one bag a day. This project definitely makes the month of March a whole lot sweeter for the whole family.

Shamrock stamp t-shirts with homemade wine cork stamps

Adding a little personalized apparel to your child’s wardrobe is all it takes to make St. Patrick’s Day come to life. Pick up a white t-shirt and let your children have at it with a homemade shamrock stamp. Glue three or four wine corks together and have your children dip the tips in green fabric paint. The result is a personalized shamrock design done by their own little hands. Have them wear the shirts on St. Patrick’s Day to show off their artistic ability. Once again, it’s advisable to do a paint project like this one on granite countertops where cleanup is made easy and surfaces are super smooth.

Cotton ball and ribbon rainbows

While St. Patrick’s Day projects for your kids can be fun, they can also be uplifting if you play it right. For example, have your kids glue a number of cotton balls to a piece of paper. Then have them add strips of rainbow colored ribbon to the cotton balls to create the illusion of a hanging rainbow. On each ribbon, you can help your child write something they like about a sibling or themselves. This simple act can turn St. Patrick’s Day art into a big confidence booster for your family!

Rainbow sand jars

If your kids are fans of sand, a little sand art project can go a long way in the name of St. Patrick’s Day. Pick up some clear tubes or fun jars from your local craft store and have your kids fill it with either green or rainbow sand. Add some shamrock stickers to the outside and place around the house to admire their work all month long. If you place them just right, some of those green sand tones could bring out amazing undertones in kitchen features you love like green granite countertops as well.

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