Top Kitchen Updates for a Higher Resale Value

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Kitchens tend to grab a lot of attention at the time of home resale. The reasons are pretty obvious. The kitchen has moved considerably from its traditional avatar. What we mean is that it’s no longer just a space where the cooking happens. Now, it’s more like a space ideal for a friendly chat or

What is Best Time to Start Your Kitchen Remodel?

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Honestly speaking, any time of the year is the right time for kitchen remodeling. Since a kitchen remodel is all about working indoors, the season to start the project hardly matters. Having said that, there are certain times of the year that work out to be most conducive for your kitchen remodel project than others.

Tysons Corner Center Hires Maryland Firm to Offer Free Arcade Games

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Nowadays, no mall is complete without entertainment. Tysons Corner Center (TCC) continues to live up to it's name with new services as one of the greatest shopping and dining destinations in Greater Washington. And with it, arcade games have become available free of any charge. Guests can now enjoy a selection of arcade games at

Alexandria Urges Residents to Respond to Population Count

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Less than three months to go before this decade's census in the United States, Alexandria has issued an online guide to educate residents on the importance of their accurate part in the decennial population count. "Whether you were born in the U.S., moved here 10 years ago, or moved here 10 days ago, you are entitled to

Electric Buses to Help Save Alexandria Environment, School Finances

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In Alexandria, parents may soon start seeing their children off to school knowing that their trips contribute to the sustainability of both the environment and their education institutions' finances. That is, when an energy firm from Richmond delivers the first fleet of vehicles to the city later this year. Alexandria is part of a Dominion Energy program

Kitchen Trends that Have Overstayed Their Welcome in 2020

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Kitchen design trends, not unlike fashion trends, come and go every year. And just like some of the more everlasting ones (we are looking right at you slim fit jeans) -- some stay longer than the others. The only problem is that changing a kitchen is not as inexpensive as changing into a dress that’s

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

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After you’ve made up your mind that you need to remodel your kitchen, the process begins immediately. You’re on Pinterest all day, creating boards and pinning images of what your dream kitchen would look like. Every time you walk into your kitchen, you imagine the newer and remodeled version of it. After all, who doesn't

How to Buy Kitchen Cabinets in 2020: Everything You Need to Know

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Anybody who loves food will tell you the kitchen is the soul of a home. The only place where sophisticated culinary styles blend with the fervor of casual evenings with your friends seamlessly. And when we are talking about the kitchen, the focal point, i.e the cabinet always comes into the conversation.  After all, be

Fairfaxers Weigh In On State of Dog Parks, Need for More

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The comfort of our canine friends has become a matter of public assessment in Fairfax, Virginia. The county's Park Authority is conducting an online survey for anybody who wishes to weigh in on the state of off-leash dog areas. The survey, which will be available through December 15th, belongs to a countywide dog park study. The study aims

Easy Storage Hacks to Make a Small Kitchen Remodel Successful

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Every month the internet is flooded with articles on home improvement. Every week there’s a new trend to watch when remodeling your kitchen. And every day there are countless Pinterest boards being put up and pulled down trying to help you get the most out of any project you undertake. But as most of us