Before And After Kitchen Remodel Projects

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Are dated finishes and lack of space making your kitchen hard to work in? The solution: A change in the floor plan and a unique design. That said, the scope of a kitchen remodel needs to focus on both the functional and aesthetic aspects. For instance, design and functional changes like - opting for an eclectic

Top Seven Grocery Stores Near You in Fairfax, VA

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Unless you have a whole farm in Fairfax and are able to produce all that you need, you are one of the billions of us around the world to rely on grocery stores for food. If, in addition, you are a fellow Fairfaxer or visiting this part of the Commonwealth, there is a perfect reason why you should

How to Create the Perfect Budget for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Remodeling your kitchen is not an easy undertaking. Not only do you have to figure out the design, layout, and tens of other factors, they also have to fall in line with your allocated kitchen remodel budget. Although it may seem like an uphill task to set a budget, it’s easy if you have an

How to Create a Balance of Colors and Textures in the Bathroom

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Create the perfect balance of colors and textures in your bathroom. A bathroom remodel is undoubtedly an important project for new homeowners. But before you personalize your new bathroom, you need to focus on the effect of the features when they are blended together. When you need to purchase the accessories, colored bathing rugs, or

How To Properly Budget a Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom remodels are among the most widely pursued remodeling projects. As bathrooms are also among the most used rooms in any household, they are more likely to be in need of a remodel. Not just that, the ROI on a bathroom remodel is also significantly higher than other remodels, but so is the cost to

Fairfax County Library’s Call for Pandemic Testimonials

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In Fairfax, History Will Speak of You, If You So Wish Fairfax County is one of the worst hit during the COVID-19 pandemic in Virginia. Its struggle will be  material for historians with how the Commonwealth stood against the worst health crisis in decades. Now, chances are they will speak of certain people as well,

Good Samaritans At Work in Fairfax County During Lockdown 

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A faith-based aid group has deployed members across Greater Washington to help Fairfax residents cope with economic difficulties due to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic. When authorities in the region started declaring stay-at-home orders one after another, it was a 'call for arms' for the Salvation Army, a protestant church and charitable organization with some 1.7 million

8 Easy Ways to Transform Your Kitchen into a Contemporary Style Kitchen

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Do you walk into your kitchen and feel as if you’ve traveled back in time? Well, you’re not the only one. Most older homes have a very dated kitchen. While your living room has a smart Tv plugged in and the bedroom has high-definition speaker, your kitchen can't lack a contemporary vibe too. It only makes

Amazon Donates $1 Million for DC Coronavirus Response Efforts

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With the coronavirus outbreak spreading, Amazon donates for DC coronavirus efforts. As the novel coronavirus outbreak sends many jurisdictions reeling with hundreds of new cases reported every day across the U.S., good news becomes such a rare jewel. Amazon Inc. has provided the Greater Washington community just that when it recently donated $1 million to

How to Create a Traditional Kitchen: 8 Amazing Design Ideas

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It’s quite easy to confuse a traditional kitchen with "country" or "old world". But traditional kitchens have this indescribable quality to them that makes the design all the more alluring for many. Personally speaking, I love the idea of a traditional kitchen design. While the whole world is out there going after cubes and squares