Baltimore Children’s Museum Reopens After $10M Renovation

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  Now that a fabulous children's education and entertainment center has reopened following a major renovation, it is easier to be  a parent, or a nanny, in and around Baltimore, Maryland. The Port Discovery Children's Museum (PDCM) at 35 Market Place, Baltimore, began accepting visitors of all ages on June 14 after spending a whopping $10 million

Arlington Center Features Intergenerational Gardening Team for Fifth Year

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A community center in Arlington, Virginia, helps teenagers team up with senior citizens to grow plants, raising awareness for environmental preservation, food safety and sustainability. The intergenerational gardening program at Walter Reed Community Center sees growing demand from locals and its crops have multiplied both in quantity and variety over the last five years since

Montgomery County to Inherit Over 200 Fields for Maintenance

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Late American botanist and horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey is famous for articulating the significance of hard toil behind eye-catching gardens. "A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them." So do all green areas that are

14 Ways to Design a Chic Bathroom with Tile

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Have you recently been spending more time in the shower thinking about your bathroom’s design aesthetic? It means that it’s time for a bathroom makeover! Starting from the very basics is a great way to achieve that high impact remodel. What’s more prominent in a bathroom than the tiles after all? We bring to you chic

Arlington remains best US city for runners

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A privately compiled list of most convenient cities for runners across the US has placed Arlington, Virginia, at the top for two years back to back now. According to the financial tech firm SmartAsset’s assessments, for runners, Arlington is the best of its sort out of 98 US cities studied this year, much like the

Remodeling your Kitchen in 2019

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You can update the look and feel of your kitchen with an entire kitchen overhaul, or by making select changes. Get started by making some updates to your kitchen with our list of new ideas here... One place to start updating your kitchen is the kitchen backsplash above your stove, range and high traffic areas.

Virgina’s Little Free Library network adds Sully location

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Only few things could offer a higher satisfaction than reading a fine book from cover to cover, with sharing one being among them. And for those longing for the experience, there is now another location of the Little Free Library (LFL), world’s largest book-sharing movement, in Virginia.  The latest Virginia addition to the network of more than 80 thousand mini-libraries in over 90

Remodeling Business to See 2 Years of Growth

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Increased consumer confidence and demand are driving spending on residential improvements, with the market promising to be even more robust within the next two years, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Last year, remodeling spending reached $172 billion, and in 2019, it is expected to increase 1.6 percent for owner-occupied single-family homes,

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: 12 Amazing Design Trends in 2019

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Now you have decided to remodel your kitchen or at least make some small changes, we have an amazing list of kitchen remodeling ideas for you. Even small makeovers may change the look of your kitchen immensely. Let’s clear out one thing right at the beginning: whether you live with a family or by yourself,

Designing Master Suite Bathroom With Right Vanity

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The idea of an integrated bathroom in your bedroom/master bedroom is still foreign to many average Americans. A bathroom with no doors? But if the design had been hostage to preconceived notions, we all had never lived in ‘modern’ homes. The idea of an integrated master suite is to allow a design to flow seamlessly