Easy Storage Hacks to Make a Small Kitchen Remodel Successful

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Every month the internet is flooded with articles on home improvement. Every week there’s a new trend to watch when remodeling your kitchen. And every day there are countless Pinterest boards being put up and pulled down trying to help you get the most out of any project you undertake. But as most of us

10 Worst Bathroom Design Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2020

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Let's face it: We all love our bathrooms. Especially given the kind of hectic lifestyle on our hands, we all need a space that is functional and great at treating our senses. And without a doubt, nothing can beat bathrooms when it comes to providing complete solitude. But here is the thing: A huge part

New Fairfax Recycling Program Collects 3 Million Pounds of Glass

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In Fairfax, Virginia, responsible citizenry is helping the county sustain its beautiful environment. And a glass bottle inside a special container, rather than a casual wastebasket, is all it takes. As of October 1st, people stopped putting their empty bottles and jars in curbside bins as per the county's new recycling program. Instead, they had to

Montgomery County Sees Record Increase in Donated Bikes

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Residents of Montgomery, Maryland, donated 176 bicycles as part of an annual giving event this year, the county's transportation authority has said. In an October 22nd press release, Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) shared the figures on how its bike collection program has fared since it was launched three years ago. According to that

7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Look Out for in 2020

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A multi-billion dollar industry, home improvement has been a shot in the arm for the housing market. People are spending more and more to ‘improve’ their homes. Whatever might be the reason -- modernizing an old design, extracting more utility out of the available resources, or even bumping the resale value -- home improvement has

High-End Development Thrives around Dulles as Silver Line Metro Expands

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A boom in luxury housing and office space around Dulles International Airport (IAD) precedes the extension of Metro's Silver Line to the area. The ongoing construction of additional stops to the line westwards as part of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project has put developers to work in full swings flurrying to meet the arrival of resourceful corporate

Pre-Assembled or RTA – Which Cabinet to Choose and Why?

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When it comes to cabinets, the build quality triumphs every other consideration quite easily.  For something which is as frequently used as a kitchen cabinet, no one can afford to make a decision merely based upon the cosmetics of a product. Before you buy one, you need to understand how different cabinets are built and what

How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

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A kitchen cabinet can be a lot of things: functional, beautiful, theme-setting, or even a standout from the rest of the kitchen. But what it must be above all, is durable. Over the years, it has to undergo thousands of push and pull movements, get slammed unintentionally (or intentionally) by users, and despite that its

Fairfax Votes to Equip All Police Officers With Body-Worn Cameras

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  Fairfax to Equip All Police Officers with Body-Worn Cameras In a drive to promote transparency and build trust with the community, Fairfax County in Virginia has decided to outfit all its police officers with permanent body cameras. The county's board of supervisors approved the measure on Tuesday, September 24th. Their decision was unanimous as

6 Popular Layouts that Work in Every Modern Kitchen

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  The old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” certainly doesn’t apply in the 21st century kitchen anymore; For it has evolved into a multi-cook room with designated spaces for all stages of making a dish. No longer do grandmas sit at the dining tables, chopping the ingredients for their special recipe; now the chopping is