An outdoors food and entertainment festival will be held in Bethesda on October 5th, its organizers have said.

The annual Taste of Bethesda will welcome visitors at the neighborhood’s Woodmont Triangle between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Some 40 thousand people are expected to visit this year’s festival, much like the years before, where around 60 restaurants from the area will be on display and several music, arts and crafts events will take place.

Every year since the early 1990s, thousands of visitors not only from Bethesda and the rest of Maryland but also from the nation’s capital and Virginia converge onto this neighborhood for a fun day filled with delicious bites and memorable performances for both adults and kids.

No Foodie Leaves Disappointed  

The variety of food available at each year’s Taste of Bethesda is simply mesmerizing. From seafood to grilled meat and chicken to equally savory vegetarian and vegan options, it is an event that promises foodies with all types of preferences leave the area with a full belly and a big smile. And with the prices sought by vendors, their satisfaction will be a guarantee even for a mere $10. Yet for a full, unrestrained feast from as many bites as one can take, the sky remains the limit.

Admission to the festival is free but to sample food available throughout this year’s venue – along Norfolk, St. Elmo, Cordell, Del Ray and Auburn avenues – visitors need to buy tickets sold in bundles of four for $5. One serving costs from one ($1.25) to four tickets ($5).

Every year, the festival receives big shout outs from online reviewers who, in comparison to some other ‘taste of’ events elsewhere in the region, find Bethesda’s treat much better organized and run, thus highly comfortable, diverse and flavorful.

As a rain or shine event, the festival takes place independent of the weather and unlike some Taste of Bethesda festivals organized in previous years, this year’s will be held in October. Visitors, therefore, can expect to enjoy the festival for long hours outdoors as the current summer heat will come to an end by then. Early arrivals, however, are advised to make sure parking remains as convenient.

Five Stages, Over a Dozen Performances

Besides food, this year’s festival will also feature more than a dozen performances to be staged at different corners of the venue. Separate stages will be installed at the end of each avenue:  Auburn, Cordell, Norfolk and St. Elmo. A fifth stage will await audience inside Veterans Park at the corner of Woodmont and Norfolk Avenue.

Visitors, therefore, are likely to come across multiple performances  – though separated from each other by a few blocks, thousands of people and dozens of food stalls – at the same time. Children, in the meantime, will find the festival equally delightful with a designated play area and several kid-friendly activities such as face painting on top of all the food to abound around them and their caregivers.